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7 July 2021

Il latte invenduto diventa ecoplastica:
the idea arrives from Emanuela Gatto, researcher and founder of Splastica.

Plastic is not evil. Since it was introduced, at the end of ‘800, it has simplified our lives. Moreover, it has saved our lives, for instance when it is used in the sanitary sector: from heart valves, to syringes, blood bags and prosthesis. We are the devil. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste all over the world ends up in the sea: bottles, buoy, bags and nets.
2 July 2021

Case Study: Nespresso’s Cup

In 2013, AGA took part in Nespresso’s tender for the creation of the new glass, on the occasion of the launch of the new machine, Vertuoline. The idea of creating an innovative object pushed us to design something unique. Indeed, we decided to create a cap with a drinking opening stem in order to offer an "ergonomic" and safe object, collectible and durable over time; a unique piece, specifically made for that machine.
30 June 2021

AGA in the world of gadget

Aga represents a landmark as a moulding of plastic material company, and it has recently opened its activities in finding solutions in the international gadget sector. The company can be defined as the perfect mix of creativity, competence, surely thanks to design, RD, maintenance, and production departments.