Plastic was and is one of the most important discoveries in history, a material that is light, flexible but at the same time resistant and economical.

An invention that has changed history and everyone's life.

This material is used not only in the domestic environment, but thanks to the discovery of technopolymers dating back to the 90s, today it is also used in more complex applications: in the medical field, in the transport industry (automotive, aeronautics and aerospace) and in many other sectors, replacing heavier, more expensive and less performing materials.

For all these reasons, Aga Industrial strongly believes that in the future plastic will still play a role of primary importance, combining the continuous innovation that has always characterized it with the attention to recycling, in a perspective of circular economy.

In the perspective of environmental sustainability, Aga Industrial is in step with the times with a continuous search for innovative solutions.

The search for eco-sustainable materials such as BIOPOLYMERS culminates in our continuous research and study of new products related to the field of sustainability as the Plastic Eating Fish and the Tray.

Not only that, thanks to the collaboration with SPlastica a company that was born from the team's environmentalist convictions and that dedicates its efforts to the research and production of new ecological and 100% sustainable plastic materials, we have created a new project that is completely sustainable and recyclable.

We will continue to update, to research other and new materials in response to the needs of each customer in order to always offer an innovative and sustainable solution.

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